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Chic and Classy

I had such a great experience at Rosley Eyecare today! First of all, the place looks gorgeous. Just so luxe and chic, like you’re in Paris. Then, the staff was just so amazing. Dr Lananh NGO was so friendly and easy to get along with. My eye exam was smooth and painless. I picked out some amazing frames that were really funky and different. Speaking of frames, they informed me that all their frames are eco friendly frame brands. The one I chose was made by eco, made from recycled materials. Rosley Eyecare strives to be eco-friendly and very conscious of what they are doing. Even their sign in paperwork was all digital and their agreement forms were lamented so when you sign it, they can erase it and use it again instead of wasting hundreds of paper for a formal consent form. So smart and thoughtful! I appreciate when small businesses care beyond amazing service but also care about their footprint on the environment. Love this place. Like a hidden gem waiting for you to discover it. Highly recommend!

- Hua Conry - Google Review 2022