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I am so happy to have her as my eye doctor going forward.


I cannot recommend Dr. Bak's office enough. I have been to quite a few eye doctors and I have never had such a detailed, comprehensive new patient visit. She patiently answered all my questions, did an additional test when I expressed some concerns and explained all the rationale behind the numbers. I am so happy to have her as my eye doctor going forward. They had a lot of various tests they were able to conduct so I can feel comfortable about my eye health and vision! I was not pressured to get any prescription glasses and was told everything was in great shape. Thanks Dr. Bak!

- Mark C. - ZocDoc Review 2021

Great experience!


There was no wait. Both Dr. Ngo and the optician were friendly and helpful. I did not feel forced to purchase anything and the exam was thorough. Highly recommend!! Also, the practice is gorgeous from the inside and they have a great selection of frames.

- Ruchi Shah - Google Review 2022

Chic and Classy


I had such a great experience at Rosley Eyecare today! First of all, the place looks gorgeous. Just so luxe and chic, like you’re in Paris. Then, the staff was just so amazing. Dr Lananh NGO was so friendly and easy to get along with. My eye exam was smooth and painless. I picked out some amazing frames that were really funky and different. Speaking of frames, they informed me that all their frames are eco friendly frame brands. The one I chose was made by eco, made from recycled materials. Rosley Eyecare strives to be eco-friendly and very conscious of what they are doing. Even their sign in paperwork was all digital and their agreement forms were lamented so when you sign it, they can erase it and use it again instead of wasting hundreds of paper for a formal consent form. So smart and thoughtful! I appreciate when small businesses care beyond amazing service but also care about their footprint on the environment. Love this place. Like a hidden gem waiting for you to discover it. Highly recommend!

- Hua Conry - Google Review 2022

Highly recommended!


Dr. Bak is wonderful! Kind, thorough, knowledgeable, and so very pleasant! My 4 year old had an amazing first eye exam experience!

- Anna Pesok - Google Review 2022

Personalized Service and Attention


Dr Bak did an amazing job. She was so patient and took her time to ensure I got the best eye exam. Seems like she has the best top notch equipment as well. The office is all new, beautifully designed and so clean. I have went to the Costco for exams in the past and don’t know why anyone would ever do that considering the personalized service and attention you could be receiving at a place like this. Even the receptionist was very helpful in helping me decide on frames. I was very well taken care of.

- Mona Mclafferty - Google Review 2023

I can’t recommend Rosley enough!


I love Rosley! I started going there for my eye care when I moved to Glenview and I’m so happy I did. Dr. Ngo is great: Very caring and thorough, and I know my eyes are safe in her hands. (Not literally- they are still in my head, but you know what I mean!) The staff there is terrific too- just as kind and helpful as the doc. And the office is bright, beautiful and clean, with a wonderful selection of frames. A visit there is like a visit with friends who have a charming and comfortable home, and as a bonus are skilled doctors.

- Karen Kerbis - Google Review 2023

Everything about this office is great


The office manager is inviting, warm and helpful from the moment you first walk in. Dr. Bak is amazing and makes you feel very comfortable while she explains everything and goes through your exam. Plus, they have a great selection of frames to choose from!

- Rebecca Holzhei - Google Review 2023

Best doctor I’ve seen so far!


I went for an eye exam. Dr. Bak is the best eye doctor I've seen so far. She was very focused and patiently heard everything I said and addressed all my concern with great expertise. I'm very happy with their service.

- Srujan Panuganti - Google Review 2023

Thorough and Personable


I met with Dr. Lananh Ngo, and she was very thorough and personable in her care. One of the things that I appreciate about her is that she took the time to answer my questions and make sure that I'm informed. She was also comprehensive in her questions to ensure that she had a full picture of my medical history. The facility itself is very clean with state of the art equipment.

- Deborah Hwang - Google Review 2023

So Thankful!


I was desperately in need to see a pediatric OD and I’m so thankful that Dr. Bak was able to see my child at a short notice. My 3 yr old son got hit in the eye and the blood vessels popped. He started complaining that it hurt so I took him in. I was hopeless after calling so many places in Northbrook and Buffalo Grove. I don’t know why Rosley Eyecare didn’t show up first since it was only 15 min from my house. Dr. Bak and the receptionist greeted us with kindness and care. They close at 5 but they stayed late for us until the thorough examination was done. Dr. Bak was so patient and fun with my child and he wasn’t even scared when she dilated his eye. In addition to such a warm and attentive care, the place is so beautiful. It feels like you’re in a fancy salon, ready to be pampered. They also had fun children’s books and coloring books to keep children occupied. I’m going to make this place my family eye care!

- Jung Hwang - Google Review 2022

No Hassle


From the beginning to checking in with the beautiful receptionist to the gracious and efficient Dr. Ngo, the experience was pleasing and got the job done with no hassle and with no wasted time. Great place to see an eye dr.

- Bob Bieniek - Google Review 2023